Easy Chair


Easy Chair

Whenever I see an easy chair, the association of contiguity takes me back to my childhood. My maternal grandfather was most of the time glued to his easy chair and got his inspiration of new ideas, new way to punish the children and do immense research on agriculture.

Once or twice I too tried to stretch myself on his easy chair, of course, when he was not around and found that piece of furniture really made a difference to the thought process. Perhaps, psychiatrists chose the ‘Shrink couch’, somewhat similar to the easy chair as it made you relaxed and at ease.

At another time I asked my grandfather boldly as to its importance; first he tried to brush me aside and then said “ This is my magic seat and makes me think fluently “….He taught me languages, mathematics, science and so many other things sitting there…..he just could not see it being moved around. He was a strict disciplinarian but when he is on that piece of furniture he used to be a changed man…..

Later, I had come across his notes and jottings which he meticulously preserved and found a wealth of knowledge on innumerable subjects…..Medicinal properties of herbs, how Eskimos lived, what led to the Industrial revolution in Britain….how WW II could have been averted, which animals and insects believed in mutual aid, the life of Nilgiri tribes and much more……

I don’t really know any philosopher or great thinker with an easy chair to inspire his thought process…..

One day he was terribly upset as someone picked his pocket with considerable sum of cash…..on reaching home, he was in a dark mood.
My mother gave him a glass of water as he sat down in his easy chair….and asked the reason for his sulking…..By now he felt relaxed and said, some idiot, may be in need picked my pocket…Its alright, at least his problem may be solved……..That I think is the magical power of my Grandfather’s easy chair.


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